Fundraising . . .

Put the FUN in Fundraisers with Color Me Mine
Color Me Mine can also help your organiztion raise money.

Our most popular option is a Tile Wall Fundraiser. There are several completed walls around the city showing off our hard work (and the talent of our wonderful customers). This is a great way to raise a significant amount of money, and leave a beautiful lasting tile mural on a wall.

We also do paint parties, and other fundraising options.

Please call for more information on fundraisers.

Tile Walls
Many schools, churches and temples find a tile wall to be a great way to raise funds and build a sense of strong community. Each subscriber to the wall can paint one or more tiles and the wall is built from the community of painted tiles. Your organization sets the subscription fee for tiles. Many organizations find it good to set a theme for the wall to help make the process easier and to set the right tone.

Some organizations actually have the wall in place for a period of time, such as a year, and do a new wall after carefully removing the previous tiles. The tiles can be returned to the subscribers or sold at auction, sometimes even in tables or other settings.

Pay $8 for a 4.25Ôø© tile or $10 for a 6Ôø© tile
Collect a $20 or $25 donation
Donors paint tiles
Tiles are installed on a wall at your school
Tiles leave a legacy for future generation

Fundraiser Auction Pieces
Choose from our large selection of pottery pieces
Have the children decorate them with their art, handprints, fingerprints
Embellish them with names, designs, etc.
Auction to highest bidder!

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